A few goodies for you folks!

  • Free book: Spirituality of the PsalmsSpirituality and the psalms free book
    Explore the Psalms with one of the world’s foremost OT scholars, Walter Brueggemann. Using a model of “orientation, disorientation, new orientation,” Brueggemann provides insights into how the Psalms’ genres can be viewed in terms of their function. I’ll be referencing this for future Psalms studies.
  • Free book: On Romans
    This will probably appeal more to Reformed friends. Logos is giving away C. E. B. Cranfield’s work On Romans, which is, well, on Romans. I’ll be checking out his scholarship on issues such as what Paul meant by εργον νομου, “the works of the law,” whether Paul meant πιστις χριστου (pistis Christou) to be understood as “faith in Christ” or “Christ’s faith,” and whether the Old Testament law has a continuing place in the life of the Christian church.
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  • A diagram for better Bible study
    Tim Challies explains a common pitfall in interpreting the Bible using James Seward’s simple triangle diagram. Check it out!
  • In case you missed it, I’m giving away word counts on every book of the Bible. =)

Cool stuff is in the works, folks. I’m currently working on icons for every book of the Bible (like what you see here) . . . and I’m going to share those with you. Keep your eyes peeled!


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