The 66 books of the Bible [Poster]


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Every book in the Bible is unique. But with so many to keep track of, sometimes the names get fuzzy, and their details blur together.

This crisp, well-organized poster lists the name of every book of the Bible and makes it easy to compare their lengths. Plus, you’ll find plenty of fascinating details about the Bible, like which book is the longest, which one is the shortest, who wrote the most, and how long it would take to read all 66 books.
Perfect for churches and ministries that want to encourage Bible reading, this books of the Bible poster is sure to spark curiosity and invite people to look at the Bible in new ways. Printed on fine art paper with matte finish, it’s available in multiple sizes, and it’s ideal for classrooms, offices, and other spaces where you’d like to encourage reflection or provide educational information about the books of the Bible.
175 gsm fine art paper
Multiple sizes
Matte finish

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