3 things to look for when you start studying the Bible

Have you ever …

Started reading a book of the Bible and wound up super confused 5 minutes later?

Wondered how to introduce a book of the Bible to your youth group?

Encouraged your kids to spend time in the Word, but couldn’t tell them where to start?

If so, here’s a handy starting point.

Pick a book of the Bible and read it all the way through, looking for the “3 As”:

  1. Author: who wrote the book?
  2. Audience: who was supposed to read it?
  3. Aim: why was it written in the first place?




“Dude, is that all you got?”

You’re right: this is a pretty short post for me. But I promise it’s for a good reason. Laura and I got so many encouraging responses on our guide to the 12 apostles that we’re working on a new series of Bible-study guides with more content to help you get to know the books of the Bible better.

And the first one is coming up soon. In fact, I’m taking a break from it to write this post (and maybe brew another French press).

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Our first ebook is here (and free!)

12-apostles-illustrated-portraits-free-bookYou’ve seen a few infographics on the 12 apostles trickling through this blog—and I’ve promised you that something bigger is coming. Now it’s here.

My wife (Laura) and I just finished our first ebook for the Overview Bible Project: The Illustrated Guide to the 12 Apostles.

The goal: make it a lot easier to remember the 12 apostles.

Which means you’ll find some pretty cool stuff in this 55-page book (if I may say so myself):

Original portraits of all 12 apostles

You’ve seen some of Laura’s Bible illustrations on this blog before, but she’s really pulled out the stops on this project. She’s created portraits for all 12 apostles—each one inspired by the things that apostle says and does (or doesn’t say and doesn’t do). Continue reading…

What’s Genesis about? [2 videos]

Creative Bible geeks Tim Mackie and Jonathan Collins are making brilliant videos to summarize every book of the Bible. It’s a huge undertaking, and they’re doing a stellar job.

They just finished their two-part overview of Genesis, which you can watch below.

Overview of Genesis 1–11

Overview of Genesis 12–50


Can you believe they’re doing this for free?

It’s true. They want to make these resources available to churches and small groups and missionaries for free. But a project this breathtaking comes at some breathtaking expenses, too.

If you want to see more of these videos, you can help them out by funding their next video. They’d certainly appreciate it, and so would all the no-budget and low-budget churches who will use their media in the future! You can check out all their videos (and make a donation, if you like) on their website.

And if you’d like to read my take on Genesis, well, you can do so here.