1 Thessalonians, the infographic

Teaching through the book of 1 Thessalonians? I made something for you. =)

Every once in a while I’ll take a request from a reader for an infographic or post that would be useful to them in their ministry. (I seriously wish I had time to do it more often!) But one Bible study teacher in California asked if I could make an infographic handout on the book of 1 Thessalonians, and I couldn’t resist.



The cool thing is, you’re welcome to use it, too!

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The longest and shortest books of the Bible [Infographic]

You may have already seen my articles on the longest and shortest books of the Bible, but I figure it’s high time I made something a little more visual learner–friendly. Also something printer–friendly. Here it is! (You can download it below.)


For more information on how I got these numbers, check out my articles on the longest and shortest books. And if you want to know what these books are about, good news! I’ve written summaries of them all:

Download this infographic for yourself

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How Solomon sees his bride [infographic]: figures of speech in Song of Songs

Song of Solomon is the greatest love song in the Bible with the weirdest compliments you’ll ever read. Thighs like jewels, hair like a flock of goats, cheeks like pomegranate … it’s not exactly what I’d call The Christian Single’s Playbook. And how is that not a thing yet?

How Solomon sees his bride in the Song of Songs

I don’t know why, but the Song of Songs has been getting crazy attention this year. There was a movie based on it: The Song (which I haven’t seen). Matt Chandler used it for a dating blueprint: The Mingling of Souls(Heads-up: that’s an affiliate link and I get like two bucks if you buy that book. Moving on.)

Now I’m adding to the Song of Solomon contentfest. I went through the biblical poem and made notes of all the figures of speech. Then I gave those notes to my favorite artist (and wife) Laura. Then she mashed up several of them into one art piece, which I used for this infographic. (You can see Laura’s piece here.)

DISCLAIMER: At first glance, this might look like nudity. But I promise it’s just gazelles. Continue reading