Hebrews: the infographic

Did you know that the book of Hebrews is the second-most doctrine-heavy book of the New Testament? Or that it may have been written as a sermon first and then sent around to churches? Or what about why Hebrews was written in the first place?

Well, now there’s an infographic on the book of Hebrews with all this, well, info. I made this to give you a really high-level overview of Hebrews, and you’re free to share it with your blog readers, congregation, and Sunday school class. And if you want to know more about Hebrews, remember that you can check out my free study guide on the epistle.


Infographic: the book of Hebrews


Want to know more about Hebrews? Here’s a free study guide!

Free Hebrews study guideI wrote a 55-page guide that takes you through an overview of the epistle. It also points out more of those major themes, some important things to keep in mind, and practical steps in studying the book.

It’s yours for free! Just put in your email address to get the free guide (and to get more cool Bible-study tidbits and freebies from me).

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The Batmobile of Bible study: Logos Bible Software 6

Logos Bible Software 6

I’ve received a few emails and comments about the tools I use for Bible study, and with the new launch of Logos Bible Software 6, I figure it’s time to give credit where it’s due.

A lot of research goes into this site, and without Logos Bible Software, it would be way out of my league. I’ve yet to find a better, cooler, higher-tech tool for this kind of stuff—it’s the Batmobile of Bible study. And now that Logos 6 is here, the coolest thing I own just got a little cooler.

I know a lot of you Bible geeks are doing similar Bible studies yourselves, so there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Logos. I just want to give you my take on it. It has its pros and cons, but overall, I’m really happy with the newest version of Logos.

How about I give you a little tour?

Before I launch into a full-on review of Logos 6, let me get a few things out of the way.

  • I hate fine print, so I’m telling you up front: I’m an affiliate of Logos. That means if you read my review, decide Logos 6 is right for you, and purchase Logos, they give me a kickback.
  • Logos 6 isn’t for everyone. Like the Batmobile, it’s too expensive and high-tech for most people.
  • But if Logos 6 is for you, I can get you a sweet discount.

I really think a few of you Bible geeks should get this tool. Like I said, it’s the coolest gadget I own. But remember: I’m calling Logos Bible Software 6 the Batmobile of Bible study—not the Batman. Why? Because like the Batmobile, Logos 6 is a force multiplier. Continue reading…

Who are the main characters of Genesis?

If you were to ask yourself who the main characters of Genesis are, Adam & Eve, Noah, or Cain & Abel might jump to mind. But who does the first book of the Bible really talk about the most?

Hint: none of those five are even in the top ten!

I took a look at how many times each person in Genesis is mentioned by name. Sometimes characters are called by several different names, and I joined those counts together. For those who are curious, I also added what each name means.

A few of the results surprised me. Take a look at whose names show up the most in Genesis.

The main characters of Genesis

People mentioned in Genesis

Continue reading…