Bible Trivia Quiz

How well do you know the Bible?

This 52-question quiz covers a wide range of topics and pulls from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. These multiple choice questions won’t ask you to recall obscure Bible facts. Instead, this quiz will test your biblical literacy: how well you know and understand the Bible.  

At the end of the test, you’ll receive a score and have an opportunity to review any questions you got wrong.

This Bible trivia quiz should take about ten minutes to complete.



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Want to see how well your friends and family know the Bible? Share this quiz with them. Seeing the results could be a great way to start a conversation about how these books, people, and themes shape what Christians believe. Who knows—you may even discover parts of the Bible you both should understand better.

Do you wish you knew the Bible better?

Many Christians go their whole lives wishing they knew the Bible better. If you’ve ever shared that thought, then The Beginner’s Guide to the Bible is for you. 

This book gives you an overview of what the Bible is, what it’s for, and what it’s all about. You’ll walk away from it with enough knowledge to have a thoughtful conversation about the Bible with a pastor, an atheist, or anyone else.