The OverviewBible comment policy

I first wrote this comment policy in April, 2017. That’s after more than three years of blogging about the Bible here. For those of you who spend much time in the spirituality blogosphere, that’s a long time to go without a comment policy.

I didn’t write one because I generally don’t need it. On the whole, our readers are fantastic. Super respectful, curious, and kind.

I want to keep it that way. Ergo, a comment policy.

Your comment will get deleted if I think it is:

  1. Mean-spirited, cruel, or unnecessarily attacking someone else.
  2. Condescending, rude, or unsavory.
  3. Inappropriate.
  4. Obnoxiously difficult to understand (avoid all-caps, please)
  5. Something I just don’t want on my site.

The operative phrase here: “if I think.”

Sorry, I can’t pretend to be objective here. I don’t own a house, so my blogs are the closest I’ve got. You come into my house and disrespect me or the other guests (your fellow readers/commenters), you have to leave. But I should probably clarify that I don’t have any problems with you disagreeing with me or the other readers here. But if you’re a jerk, you’ll scare all the good people away, and I like those folks. 

If your comment gets deleted, it’s nothing personal. I probably don’t even think you’re a bad person. But as long as I’m the one paying for hosting here, I reserve the right to choose what does or does not get published on this site.

So, be decent to each other and comment away!