About Laura Kranz

Laura-Kranz-about-photo-waterfallHi, I’m Laura Kranz. I make the art you’ll find here, like the portraits of the 12 apostles, the illustrations of the authors of the Bible, theme verse drawings, and more.  I also run our Bible-summary email course, and write about the occasional weird Bible fact. I started contributing to the Overview Bible Project in October of 2014.

I grew up in a non-denominational Christian home. I’ve always loved the pursuit of knowledge and information (Ecclesiastes was my favorite book as a kid)——especially in regards to my faith. A craving for context defines my learning preferences, so my approach to teaching tends to include a lot of zooming out to talk about where we are on the map.

I met Jeffrey Kranz when we both took jobs at Logos Bible Software in Bellingham, WA. We loved working together then, and we enjoy working together even more now that we’re married.

Other random facts:

  • I really like bullet points
  • I’m an INTP (but I care about people anyway)
  • Despite the fact that I’m an artist, I’m much more of a Spartan than an Athenian
  • My work background is in database marketing and management
  • I love a good tree to climb
  • I blog about my creative projects at lauraakranz.com
  • I’m taller than the average man

You can email me at laura@overviewbible.com.

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