Overview Bible Easter challengeWe’re four weeks away from Easter. In just a month, churches will celebrate the most important event in history: the Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

What better way to remember His sacrifice, His love, and His glorious victory than to read His story?

I have an Easter challenge for you.

There are four weeks between now and Easter. There are four books of the Bible that tell us the story of Jesus’ earthly life, death, and resurrection:

Why not read one Gospel every week before Easter?

Don’t worry about the time: even the longest of these books will only take about two and a half hours to read. If you read the Gospels for half an hour every weekday, you’ll finish with time to spare.

I’m going to take 30 minutes every morning (after breakfast and before work) to read the Gospels. I want to know Jesus better this Resurrection Sunday. Won’t you join me?

If so, you might want to check out this quick guide to the four Gospels: it’ll help you pick one to read first.

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