Someone once emailed me with a question about how I use Logos Bible Software for Bible study. She had specifically heard that I’ve set up Logos to highlight every single command verb in the New Testament. (Which gives me a leg up when it comes to applying NT passages to my own life.)

I figured it might be something other Logos users out there might like to try, too. So, I’m going to quickly show you how went from seeing this in Logos:


To seeing the actual imperative verbs highlighted in the English text I’m reading, like this:


It’s surprisingly easy!

If you already use Logos, feel free to download this filter for yourself here.

Step 1: Open a new Visual Filter in Logos Bible Software

Go up to “Documents,” and select “Visual Filter.”


This will open a new Visual Filter. That’s how we’re going to tell Logos to highlight imperative verbs for us.

Step 2: Select “Morph”

We’re looking specifically at the morphology of the words in the New Testament. This is deeper than the parts of speech we learned in grammar studies at school. We’re looking at how specific verbs are used.


Step 3: Specify the resources we’ll be using

You’ll need to choose which morphology dataset to pull all this information about New Testament verbs from. Let’s choose Logos Greek Morphology for this round.


Step 4: Specify imperative verbs

This is the fun part, because Logos guides you through the process of choosing the kind of morphology you want to highlight.

First, type the “@” sign into that search bar. It’ll bring up all the parts of speech you can target. Obviously we’re selecting “Verb.”


And next, we just need to select the imperative mood, which tells Logos we’re targeting command verbs.


Step 5: Choose your formatting preferences

This is easy: just tell Logos how you want those imperative verbs to be displayed in your Bible. I chose an orange highlighter, but you could tell Logos to bold those verbs, put them in ALL CAPS, under line them—whatever you want.


That’s how I do it, folks

This is just one reason Logos Bible Software has been a helpful tool to use. If you use Logos for Bible study, you may find this filter helpful. Go ahead and download it for yourself!