12-apostles-illustrated-portraits-free-bookYou’ve seen a few infographics on the 12 apostles trickling through this blog—and I’ve promised you that something bigger is coming. Now it’s here.

Adrien and I just finished our first ebook for the Overview Bible Project: The Illustrated Guide to the 12 Apostles.

The goal: make it a lot easier to remember the 12 apostles.

Which means you’ll find some pretty cool stuff in this 55-page book (if I may say so myself):

Original portraits of all 12 apostles

You’ve seen some of Adrien’s Bible illustrations on this blog before, but they’ve really pulled out the stops on this project. They created portraits for all 12 apostles—each one inspired by the things that apostle says and does (or doesn’t say and doesn’t do).

Clarity on those names

Did you know more than half of the apostles go by more than one name? And how about this: of the 12 apostles, six of them share names. There are two Simons, two Jameses, and two Judases.

Treating the apostles like real people

We hear about Peter denying Jesus and John being a son of thunder. But these are real people, and there’s more to them than just a nickname.

For example, you’ve heard about “Doubting Thomas,” but that’s really not fair. Did you know that at one point, Thomas persuades the rest of the apostles to follow Jesus, even though they know it might cost them their lives? It’s true.

Plus, the ebook is totally free!

You can download it right here—no strings attached.

Get the guide

Here’s a link to the illustrated guide. You can download it right away!