Davids-mighty-men-overview-bibleYou’ve probably heard about David’s mighty men (if not, you’ll be ahead of the curve in a minute). David was a skilled soldier and leader, but he wasn’t alone. He had a band of very loyal, very powerful heroes who stood by him.

They accomplished incredible things in combat. Stuff modern soldiers couldn’t do. Stuff fictitious soldiers couldn’t do.

Seriously: ever hear of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings? He killed 42 orcs in one battle, and I think everyone agrees that he’s pretty hardcore. Well, you’re about to meet someone who took out 800 bad guys at once.

Here we go . . .

David’s mighty men: the infographic

David's mighty men infographic
Want to learn more?

You can read the lists of these mighty men beginning at 2 Samuel 23:8 and 1 Chronicles 11:10. You’ll notice a few inconsistencies: some people are called by different names and some are included in one list and omitted from another.

I first learned about David’s mighty men when I was studying David’s life in First and Second Samuel. That’s where I read about Ashael’s legendary running speed (2 Sa 2:18) and Jonathan’s 12-fingered giant (2 Sa 21:20–21). You might like to study these books, too.