Most popular books of the BibleWhat is the most popular book of the Bible? We’ve all wondered at some point—out of 66 different books, there have to be a few that resonate with more people than others, right?


Turns out that some books of the Bible get a lot more attention than others. The kind folks at shared their stats with me on the top 10 most-accessed books of the Bible. Their data also shed some light on why some of these books get so much attention.

The result: an infographic you’ll want to share with your Bible-loving friends!

(And once you’ve explored all these, check out these one-sentence summaries of every book of the Bible.)

The 10 most popular books of the Bible, and why (infographic)

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So to recap, the most popular books of the Bible are:

  1. Psalms
    And if you like Psalms, check out First Samuel, Second Samuel, and Lamentations.
  2. Matthew
    And Matthew fans will like Isaiah and Hebrews.
  3. John
    If you like John’s gospel, you don’t want to miss his letters: First, Second, and Third John.
  4. Romans
    Romans fans will love its abridged version: Galatians. Peter’s instructions for Christians address similar themes.
  5. Proverbs
    For more wisdom poetry, read Ecclesiastes. For more practical wisdom, read James.
  6. Genesis
    The story continues in Exodus, and you’ll meet more familiar characters in First and Second Samuel.
  7. Luke
    Read Luke first. Read Acts next.
  8. 1 Corinthians
    Of course, Second Corinthians is the logical next stop. If you’re into First Corinthians 13 (“the love chapter”), you should check out First John, or any of these places.
  9. Isaiah
    Matthew quotes Isaiah (a lot!), and Hosea addresses many similar themes.
  10. Acts
    Make sure you read Luke first. After that, I suggest you check out Romans.