The right Sunday school posters can inspire students and adults to think about the Bible in new ways. Encountering your posters every week in class can also help reinforce important details like who wrote the Bible, the names of every book of the Bible, and where important parts of the Bible took place.

As you consider what kind of learning environment you want to create in your Sunday school classroom, consider how these posters could help your students and members explore the Bible. Each of them are available in three sizes, and they’re produced on fine art paper with a matte finish. At the very least, we hope these inspire you to create your own meaningful Sunday school posters.

1. All 66 books of the Bible

In order to understand and navigate the Bible, it’s important for kids and adults alike to see God’s Word as a collection of smaller books. There are plenty of “books of the Bible posters” out there, but most of them simply list the names of these books. This poster includes helpful visuals and fun facts that encourage thoughtful comparisons between books. It also provides tips for reading the entire Bible.

poster displaying the books of the Bible

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2. Every dream in the Bible

There are 21 dreams in the Bible. Some of them are important and prophetic. Others aren’t. This poster organizes all of the dreams in the Bible based on the books they appear in. It also gives brief summaries of each dream along with a picture to represent it and the passage it appears in. Additionally, you’ll find basic facts about the types of people who have dreams in Scripture.

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3. Who wrote the Bible?

If you ask most Christians who wrote the Bible, they’ll probably say, “God,” or at best mention one or two of the names they know, like Moses or the Apostle Paul. But at least 40 people contributed to the collection of books that we know as the Bible. This poster is designed to help people appreciate the full range of human authors God used to give us the Word. It highlights who contributed the most and the least, and provides visual aides for thinking about the types of people who wrote the Bible and how much they wrote.

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4. The least popular books of the Bible

Some books of the Bible get more attention than others. But every book shares part of the story of God’s relationship with humanity. Using data from, we identified the 10 least-read books of the Bible and collected them in this infographic. Each book has a unique icon and a brief summary. Highlighting the least popular books in your Sunday school classroom could be a great way to inspire people to read them.

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5. Paul’s first missionary journey

Paul’s three missionary journeys took him all through numerous ancient regions you’d have a hard time finding on modern maps. On these important journeys, Paul established churches and met the people his New Testament letters were originally addressed to. The Book of Acts records all three journeys and gives us valuable context for understanding Paul’s letters, and as you read through Acts and Paul’s letters with your class, these posters will help you visually explore his ministry.

Paul’s first missionary journey is recorded in Acts 13–14. Along with Barnabas and John Mark, Paul set sail from Antioch to the island of Cypress. From there, they traveled to several other ancient cities and returned to many of the churches they established. John Mark abandoned the journey partway through, Paul performed several miracles, and he was stoned nearly to death outside of Lystra. Follow Paul’s first missionary journey with this handy map.

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6. Paul’s second missionary journey

Paul’s second missionary journey is recorded in Acts 15:36–18:22. After John Mark abandoned them partway through the first missionary journey, Paul and Barnabas were divided about bringing him along again, and they wound up parting ways. Paul left with a man named Silas. Together, they picked up Timothy (the young leader Paul addresses in 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy) and established churches in Galatia, Philippi, Corinth, and Ephesus. With this poster, students can follow Paul’s journey to meet many of the communities he wrote to throughout the New Testament.

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7. Paul’s third missionary journey

Paul’s third (and probably final) missionary journey is recorded in Acts 18:23–20:38. He visited many of the churches he’d already established, including Galatia and Ephesus. On his way back to Jerusalem, Paul passed through numerous cities he hadn’t visited on previous journeys. In the city of Troas, Paul resurrected a boy who died after falling out of a window. Follow Paul’s path to Jerusalem with this map of his third missionary journey.

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Explore the Bible

Your Sunday school posters can be more than just decor. These colorful, visually stimulating posters are designed to encourage reflection, cultivate curiosity, and passively educate your students about the Bible. As you teach through Scripture, these visual aids can help contextualize and support your lessons. 

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