The Illustrated guide to the authors of the Bible [free ebook]

Ever wonder who wrote the Bible? About 40 people wrote and/or edited all 66 books of Scripture. Between the Bible itself and tradition, we’re pretty sure about 35 of their names. Most of you can probably name at least five of these writers, but what about the others?

It’s not easy to keep track of all these people. In fact, some of them are hardly ever mentioned in church today (the Psalm writers, especially). But if we’re going to study the Bible—and we should!—we need to know who’s writing these documents.

So Laura and I made an ebook to help

Illustrated Guide to Authors of the Bible

You should check out the Illustrated Guide to the Authors of the Bible. I’ve put together a 2-minute write-up on each author, but that’s just the beginning. Laura created portraits of each author, too. Which means …

This book puts the names to faces for all the authors.

Granted, the characters don’t all look like these—but it’s better than just trying to hold ancient, foreign names in your head.

Why we made this guide

Have you ever been to a party with 10 people you don’t know? How hard was it to remember their names, even after just an evening? Now, if 10 people is tough, how hard would it be to do that with 35?

And what if you had no idea what those 35 people looked like? No way you’d remember them all.

That’s why we made an illustrated ebook on the authors. We want you to have an easy-to-remember way of meeting the authors of the Bible.

What’s inside?

This is a PDF ebook (and it’s a big one). Inside, you’ll find:

  • A quick summary of each individual author
  • Facts about the authors’ occupation and times of ministry
  • Portraits of each author by artist Lurm (Laura Kranz)
  • A handful of throwaway gags

You will NOT find out who the author of Hebrews is. ;-)


Get the free guide

Here’s a link to the printable PDF. You can save it for future reference or send it straight to the printer.